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Today, the the "traditional family" has evolved to include many culturally and structurally different forms.  With these changes, new demands and challenges may occur.  Almaden Institute therapists provide a full range of services to facilitate solutions for many of today's family issues.

Here are 5 tips for reconnecting with your family.

  1. Clear a minimum of 3 hours each week and designate it  "family time" or "couple time".
  2. Involve family members in brainstorming and choosing what to do during "family time" (home improvement projects, games, picnics, outings, movie time, crafts, plan a trip).
  3. Eat atleast 3 meals per week together, at the same table with no phones or electronics on.
  4. ​Listen to each other to understand NOT to correct.
  5. Acknowledge and compliment one positive attribute about your child and/or spouse each day.

"FAMILY...a group experience​
love and support."

-Marianne Williamson
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