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  1. Licensed for over 25 years, I specialize in stress, anxiety, and depression. Psychodynamic training and cognitive behavioral research influence my work to find practical approaches and effective problem resolution. I work with individuals and couples to find solutions, new ways of coping, and understand how experiences can bring about positive change. Marcia Kaufmann, MSSW LCSW5482
    Marcia Kaufmann
    408-266-7826 Ext 302
  2. Having a confidential, safe place to examine what's working, as well as what's not is helpful. I work with adults, teens, families and children to better mood, relationships and develop healthy coping skills for many issues. Areas of focus include mood disorders, anxiety, relationships, and trauma. I have extensive training in mood disorders, trauma, and EMDR. Eric J. Bohl, MA MFT22765
    Eric Bohl
    408-266-7826 Ext 102
  3. Licensed since 1986, I love what I do and feel privileged to work with so many interesting people. I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families of all different cultures and with traditional & non-traditional relationships, both gay and straight. In therapy, we share the joys and challenges as I help you move toward growth, wholeness, and an increased sense of well being. Christine Broderick, MS MFT22084
    Christine Broderick
    408-266-7826 Ext 106
  4. I enjoy working with adolescents and adults to better understand themselves and improve satisfaction & well being. I find clients' feedback essential and welcome this in our work together. Likewise, in a genuine, caring and non-judgmental manner, I take an active approach, giving feedback to assist clients when appropriate. Trained in the areas of infertility and perinatal mood disorders, I have a passion to assist others with this journey. Kelley Lockwood, LCSW LCSW81744
    Kelley Lockwood
    408-266-7826 Ext 103
  5. Having worked with children & families for over 15 years, I work from the understanding that all people exist within systems, not in isolation. I utilize Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Sand-play and specialize in the areas of children, teens and individuals and anxiety, depression, bullying, school problems, parenting, life events & transitions, and social skills. Carrie Herbst, MA MFT53480
    Carrie Herbst
    408-266-7826 Ext 101
  1. My work is based in cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems training. I work with anxiety, depression, couples therapy, grief, PTSD, transitions, addiction recovery and self esteem. I welcome the opportunity to consider with you new possibilities for practical solutions and positive change given your unique life situation. Diane Petroni, PhD MFT17004
    Diane Petroni
    408-266-7826 Ext. 104
  2. Oftentimes we carry ghosts from our past that impede our present successes and future plans. Through collaborative therapy we can work on healing past pain and learning to be fully present in the here and now. I'm passionate about helping adults, teens, children, and couples in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from living life to the fullest. Some common obstacles that I work with are depression, anxiety, anger, domestic violence, communication struggles, and the relationship between addiction and mental health. I also have experience in crisis management and community mental health. Kim Mjaseth, MA MFT44647
    Kim Mjaseth
    408-266-7826 Ext. 304
  3. I strive to promote insight and understanding, as well as emotional and personal growth with clients. Whether healing from the past, struggling in the present, or setting goals for the future, I help you examine problems and feelings to help you uncover what you need to feel better. I have 22 years experience with Depression/Anxiety, Addiction/Codependency, Postpartum Disorders, Child & Teen issues, Gender Understanding, and Parenting. Marianne Vernacchia MA MFT35980
    Marianne Vernacchia
    408-266-7826 Ext. 307
  4. Many people find themselves stuck in repeating patterns that worked as survival skills growing up, or during a difficult situation, but are no longer useful. They get in the way of successful relationships, feeling worthy and being successful. Healing occurs when we understand these connections and find the inner resources to make new choices. Licensed since 1982, I have vast experience in recovery from addiction, trauma, sexual and physical abuse, depression/anxiety, grief and relationship issues. I am certified in alcohol & drug counseling, EMDR, and am a consultant for EMDR therapists. Rena Zahorsky, MS MFT17664
    Rena Zahorsky
    408-266-7826 Ext. 107

Almaden Institute is a collective group of individually licensed therapists who share a mission to help individuals, families, and children feel and function at their best no matter what the circumstance.  Each therapist manages their own unique private practice.

Not only does each therapist have their own specialty areas, style and approach to therapy, they also have their own fee structure, insurance plan participation, hours, and overall practice management.  

To learn more about any of the AI therapists above and their services, please visit the individual websites listed, or call them directly at their extension number.

almaden institute
for individual and personal growth
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