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Children are our future! They are a precious resource that need attention, care, love and support.  And providing that in an effective way is not always easy. 

Almaden Institute has several therapists who specialize in child development and behavior and can help you and your child through the rough spots. 

Whether it be a traumatic experience, problematic behavior, a family stressor, or a pediatric mood disorder, our therapists use a combination of talk therapy, play therapy, expressive arts therapy and parental coaching to help resolve the issues and restore balance to your family.


Teenagers are unique!  Mercurial, intense, pressured and trying to  figure out who they are in the world. They're full of intensity, whether it be defiance, anger, depression, anxiety, sadness or energy, and this can present a challenge for parents and families to understand and intereact with.

Our therapists understand the developmental needs of teens and can help with struggles whether it be with friends, school, emotional conflicts, family, relationship issues, alcohol and drugs, or mood disorders.  Teens and their parents need an experienced therapist who they can trust will not judge, but lend support to  navigate these often challenging years. 
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